Saturday, July 30, 2005

Artículo en Wonkette

Para quien no conozca Wonkette, les recomiendo checarla de vez en cuando, vale la pena. Mientras, aquí les pongo un artículo de ella que encontré hoy:

In Which Wonkette Is Accused of Terrorism

We're going to have to take issue with this:

It is JUST like the one time when That Wonkete accused Our President George W. Bush of being a homosexual because of the way he was holding his hand in a “nelly” way...what if Our Soldiers who are fighting so bravely out there find out what Wonkette is saying and think that is true!!? Well what if they believed her and stopped following orders from Our President because he is a gay!? If even one service man (or woman just so you know I’m not so called SEXIST!!) dies because of those things that Wonkette and dems have been saying then that is ONE TOO MANY.

First of all, we think the brave men (and women!) of the armed forces would probably still fight even if the President were gay. (Some of them might even fight a little harder.) Second: We didn't accuse George Bush of being gay because he holds his hand in a "nelly way."

We accused him of being gay because he likes cock.


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