Thursday, January 26, 2006


En esta página hay un listado de advertencias estúpidas en algunos productos.

Éstos son algunos ejemplos:

  • "Do not eat toner." -- On a toner cartridge for a laser printer.
  • "May irritate eyes." -- On a can of self-defense pepper spray.
  • "Caution: Hot beverages are hot!" -- On a coffee cup.
  • "Please keep out of children." -- On a butcher knife.
  • "Do not use for drying pets." -- In the manual for a microwave oven.
  • "For use by trained personnel only." -- On a can of air freshener.
  • "Warning: Do not climb inside this bag and zip it up. Doing so will cause injury and death." -- A label inside a protective bag (for fragile objects), which measures 15cm by 15cm by 12cm.


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Muy bien malditos muchachos, gracias por contribuir en llenar un espacio mas en el internet.......


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